The Bicheno Penguins Show is on every night of the year and is a natural feature, free of charge, for guests of Diamond Island. As soon as our own Bicheno Penguins arrive, they walk up to their home in the bushes in and around the Diamond Island Resort grounds. The Little Penguins raise 2 to 4 baby chicks each year. Their cute noise is normal activity and a real feature of being among nature at Diamond Island Resort. The penguins are used to guests being a 3 metre distance from them. You can get photographs and video - digital cameras without flash and video cameras without spotlights can be used and can produce good results. The penguins arrive every night year round. Diamond Island Resort is one of the very few places in Australia where you can get close to the animals in their natural habitat. It is a natural, protected environment and we welcome the penguins to their home, which can also be your home away from home.  There is no need to book, the Bicheno Penguin Tour is part of your experience here at Diamond Island Resort. You can't afford to miss it!   


Free guest car parking

Free wifi access in the Resort

On-site Restaurant (booking essential)

Bar, Lounge and Library

Swimming Pool (seasonal)

Laundry facilities 24 Hrs

LCD TV to each room

Tea & Coffee making facilities  

 Kitchen to each unit, Some Utensils,  toiletries

 Undercover BBQs near resort.




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 tasmania penguins Watching Guidelines  Wildlife Management Branch,

134 Macquarie Street  GPO Box 44  HOBART TAS 7001 Tasmania is fortunate in having several penguin rookeries along the coast where penguins can be easily observed. The following guidelines are intended to both protect penguins and to allow you to see them under natural conditions. Please be sure you are familiar with them before visiting a penguin colony. 

AT OUR FREE PENGUIN VIEWING bicheno tasmania penguins free to watch as our guest at the resort
Left to themselves, bicheno penguins will start to leave the water at last light so that they are under the cover of darkness. This helps to protect them from predators.

At this time they are very vulnerable (remember they regard you as a potential predator) and hence are wary.  If they sense a threat or are disturbed by torchlight or loud noise they stay at sea longer. This is stressful for them and can interfere with breeding, or may prevent them reaching their hungry young in the burrow.

Besides, if they stay at sea, you may not see bicheno tasmania penguins. 


Guidelines  Please read and observe any information signs which may be placed at the penguin colony.     Remember you need to wear dark clothing for camouflage.    

Also, ensure you will remain warm while watching bicheno penguin s.

Approach your observation point from the land, preferably not by walking along the beach as this blocks the penguin's access to their burrows. Use existing tracks and do not walk through the colony as it destroys burrows. Please do not damage vegetation.Choose a viewing position which is at least 3 m from, and does not block, the penguins' access to their burrows. Choose a site which has a dark background to camouflage yourself.Settle yourself comfortably before last light. If there are experienced personnel available, please take their advice. Remain quiet and keep movement to a minimum.

Penguins have excellent vision and easily spot movement, especially if they see you outlined against the sky. Only dim torches should be used and then never toward the water or directly at the penguins. Video cameras, without spotlights, can be used and produce better results at dusk than conventional cameras. Often the best places to view penguins are behind the beach where they feel more secure.   Again, only use red light. To aid viewing, binoculars are useful, even at night.Do not under any circumstances visit a colony with dogs (or cats). They are a major threat to bicheno penguins tasmania.Penguins are protected wildlife. It is illegal to catch, attempt to catch or otherwise harass penguins. If you have interests or concern about your local penguin population please contact the Marine Conservation Program, Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment. Remember bicheno tasmania accommodation it's free to watch, view at diamond island resort.